4 Brand New Paid Survey Sites for 2017

Every year new survey sites are launched in order to help companies with their market research projects and to help people earn some extra money online. This year 2017 has been no different and has seen the launch of many new paid survey websites.

If you have been taking survey for many years then you will probably have registered with most of the old market research companies and will be on the look out for new places where you can earn money at. If you are new to survey taking then registering with the latest websites will ensure that you can keep earning money well into future years. Either way to help you out the following are the latest and greatest brand spanking new survey sites that have only just launched in 2014.

Mintvine Panel

The Mintvine Panel launched in early 2014 and already has thousands of members from all around the world. You can tell straight away they are a new survey panel due to having all the latest features and a full and thriving community on their site. To earn money you can complete your profile information, take part in quick daily polls and of course you will be invited to participate in paid surveys. You will receive invitations daily from them or you can login to your account to view what surveys are available to take.

After you have completed each survey the money you have earned will be logged into your account as pending and be updated within 1 – 2 weeks. Once you have $10 in your account you can make a request for a payment via Paypal or Dwolla. Your money is then paid very quickly within just 24 – 48 hours.

To earn money you also have the option of referring your friends to the site. For each friend you refer you will earn 23 points plus extra points for every survey your friend completes for the lifetime that they are a member. This means you could earn loads of extra money without even participating yourself.

We would say that the Mintvine Panel is probably the best panel to launch in 2014 as it offers numerous chances for you to earn plus mega fast payments.

Product Testing UK

Although the Product Testing site did not launch in 2014 they have released a number of different products that can be tested this year. One of the hottest products include the latest GHD Straighteners. To get started simply register with the panel and if you are selected you will be sent the latest GHD straighteners free of charge. Once you receive them you should test them out then write a short review based on your experiences. After testing is complete the product is yours to keep.

Mobile Xpression

The MobileXpression panel is another brand new and unique website that only launched around the middle of this year. To sign up you must possess a smartphone or tablet, then simply download a small app.The app will monitor how you use the Internet on your device and the data is used to help companies to improve their mobile websites. After one week on the panel you will be send a free £5 Amazon gift voucher for your time. You will receive further rewards for keeping the app on your device. You may also receive invitations to participate in other online market research products for which you will receive higher rewards in the future.

MindMover Panel

The MindMover Panel is yet another survey site that was launched earlier this year. The website is owned and operated by TPoll Market Intelligence. For each online survey that you complete through the site you will earn between 50 – 1000 points. Points are worth 1p each. This means that the cash reward is worth between 50p – £10 for each one. Once you have accumulated 2000 points in your account you can cash out for a £20 Paypal payment. If you don’t have access to a Paypal account then you can alternatively save your points and cash out at 3000 for a £30 cheque.

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