Top 10 Paid Survey Apps for Teenagers to Earn Money

Are you a Teenager who is looking to earn more money? Do you already take paid surveys but want to earn that little bit more? The good news is now you can by downloading survey apps. Survey apps are available to Teenagers in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia and other countries around the world. Most are available for Android, iPhone, iPad and other devices.

These paid survey apps allow you to take surveys online whilst you are out and about at any time day or night. As well as taking surveys some apps allow you to take part in missions which could include taking photos in shops, checking in at shops or shopping centres, scanning barcodes, shopping online, discovering new websites, taking offers and lots more. You are usually rewarded with cash sent via Paypal / cheque / bank transfer or gift cards..

Another way that some market research sites allow you to make money is by offering specialist panels where you simply download a small app to your Smartphone, Tablet or PC. These types of apps run in the background and record how you use your device. This data is then sent anonymously to the panel and used to help improve future websites, apps and other technology. For your time you are paid a set amount each month which is usually sent in cash by Paypal or in gift vouchers.

So if you are looking to earn some easy extra money whilst you are out and about, at work, on the train or just sitting at home here are the top 10 survey apps for Teenagers.

Quick Tip: We recommend joining and downloading all the apps listed so you can earn as much money possible in the fastest time

MobileXpression – This is one of the best market research apps for Teenagers as there is no age to join (under 18’s require parental permission) and you can earn a really easy £5 Amazon voucher in just 1 week. You must have an Android phone or Tablet at this time.

Mobile Xpression

MobileXpression takes privacy very seriously. The app does not have access to any data on your phone such as photos, calls, texts or contacts. The apps only purpose is to collect data about your mobile internet surfing habits. This is to help shape the future of the mobile internet for other people.

To get started just visit the site and register your details. You will then be sent easy to follow instructions to your phone or tablet. Once you have installed the app you will get a £5 Amazon voucher sent to you in just 1 week. After this for keeping the app installed you will earn 1 credit per week. Once you have 10 credits you can claim another £5 Amazon voucher or for 15 credits a £10 Amazon voucher. You can use your vouchers to buy anything from the  Amazon website.

Eligibility: Age age (under 18’s need parents permission) with an Android phone or tablet living in the UK or Canada.

£5 Amazon Voucher in 1 Week at MobileXpression!

Swagbucks – Swagbucks is one of the biggest ‘get paid to’ websites on the Internet. The site allows you to earn points called ‘SB’ for doping many different online activities. These activities include completing offers, taking surveys, watching videos, shopping online, searching the Internet, playing games and lots more.


To get the Swagbucks app you must register as a new member through the website and from here you can start the download for Android / App Store. Once you have the Swagbucks app simply login using the details you created on the registration.

The app lets you earn gift cards / Paypal cash faster than you would on the website. The minimum withdrawal is just $5 (£3.35) so it’s quick and easy to earn this amount.

How can I earn: Answering polls / surveys, searching the web, shopping local deals, shopping online, exploring, discovering and watching fun videos.

Eligibility: You must be 13+ and living in the UK, Ireland, USA, Canada or Australia.

Earn points for fast gift cards / Paypal cash at Swagbucks

CFS Panel – The CFS Panel is one of the latest and greatest survey sites. They are powered by one of the world’s biggest market research companies, Cint. The site launched back in 2015 but already has thousands of members in the UK and USA. They pay cash for each completed survey via Paypal or Amazon voucher.

The CFS Panel

The CFS Panel app is called the OpinionApp. It combines all the Cint panels that you are a member of together so you can take surveys from each one and earn more money. To get the OpinionApp you must first register with the CFS Panel. Once you are a member you can download the app from the survey invitation emails that you receive from them.

How can I Earn: Once you have downloaded the app login using your CFS Panel username and password. If you have ever joined any other Cint panels with the same email address these will now show up on the first screen. (There’s a full list of some of the most popular Cint panels here) You can then flip through and take surveys on the app itself to build up your balances.

Once you have £8 in your account you can login on the CFS Panel website (or other website powered by Cint) to request an instant payment to your Paypal account. Alternatively, for £10 you can request an amazon voucher.

Earn up to £10 per surveys at the CFS Panel and the Opinion App

Eligibility: Age 14+ and living in the UK, USA, Canada and Australia

Toluna – Toluna is one of the biggest and oldest survey communities with millions of members all around the world. On the site you can take surveys and test products in return for points which can be redeemed for cash and vouchers.


The Toluna app does most things that you can do through the Toluna website. To get it you must register as a new member through the website and from there you can download it for Android or iPhone.

How can I earn: You can earn extra points on your Toluna account by taking short surveys. On top on this you can connect and communicate with other members of the Toluna community. Once you have enough points you can redeem your cash and vouchers directly through the Toluna app.

Eligibility: Any age living in UK, USA, Canada or Australia.

Take short surveys on the Toluna app for cash and vouchers

Smart Panel – The Smart Panel is a brand new panel where you can earn rewards by downloading their app to your Smartphone, Tablet or PC. Once downloaded you will earn a guaranteed £4 ($5) per month, £80 ($110) per year and £128 ($170) per 18 months plus more loyalty bonuses on top. Other members of this panel have said this is the easiest money they have ever made!

Smart Panel

To get your cash from the Smart Panel you must download their small app to your Smartphone, Tablet or PC. The Smart Panel app runs in the background and records how you use your device. This information is sent anonymously in order to help influence the development of future websites, applications and technology.

How can I earn: Download the Smart Panel app and you will get your guaranteed cash rewards sent via Paypal or Amazon vouchers.

Eligibility: 18+ and living in the UK or USA

Earn a guaranteed £80 ($110) per year at the Smart Panel

Ipsos Mori inCompass Panel

inCompass Panel – By joining the inCompass panel you will get a £20 Amazon voucher for installing and keeping the app installed for 1 month plus another £10 voucher for each month that you keep the app installed thereafter. The site is owned by one of the world’s leading market research companies, Ipsos Mori. After joining you will need to complete a short 15-minute survey and then download their smartphone app. The app will monitor how you are using your smartphone. This data will be used to help shape the future of TV, Radio, media services and the Internet.

incompass panel


1 month after installing and keeping the app installed you will receive your first £20 voucher. Every month that you keep the app installed after this you will get another £10 voucher.

How do I earn: Complete the short survey then download and install the app to your smartphone. You will get a £20 voucher for keeping the app installed for the first month and then you will receive an extra £10 every month you keep it installed!

Eligibility: 18+ and living in the UK only.

Earn £20 for joining and keeping the app installed for 1 month then and £10 every month thereafter!

Google Opinion Rewards – Google Opinion Rewards is an app owned by Google and is only available for Android devices. By completing online surveys you can earn Google Play credits that can be used to buy anything (Games, Apps, Music, Books, Movies etc.) from the Google Play store.

Google Opinion Rewards

There’s no website simply download the app from the Play store and register your details. You should get at least one survey every week to complete. On average you will earn from $0.25 up to $1 per survey depending on the length and complexity. It will take a while to earn enough to get a movie or book but games / app shouldn’t take that long.

Eligibility: 18+ / Many countries / Android only

Download the Google Opinion Rewards App from the Play Store

Valued Opinions – Valued Opinions are another of the biggest market research sites. They reward you with up to £5 in cash or vouchers for each survey you complete. As well as surveys you can also earn by testing products, mystery shopping and diary studies.

Valued Opinions

Register on the Valued Opinions website and you can download the app from the Play Store / App Store. On the Valued Opinions Mobile app you can earn whilst on the go by taking part in paid surveys and unique mobile only studies

How can I earn: Once you have the application on your device simply login with the username and password you created on the website. Once logged in you can find mobile compatible surveys and mobile only studies. These studies include:

Mystery Shopping: Share your experiences whilst visiting shops or events
Product Testing: Test products from home and provide your feedback
Diary Studies: Write short diary entries about particular topics
Brand Research: Give your feedback on new advertising concepts

Eligibility: 16+ and living in the UK, USA, Australia and New Zealand

Paid Surveys, Mystery Shopping and Product Testing on the Valued Opinions app

Points2Shop -Points2Shop is one of the web’s biggest rewards websites with over 10 million members. You can earn points or cash for taking part in many different online activities. These activities include completing surveys, taking offers, watching videos, playing games, shopping online and lots more. Your points can be redeemed for many products from their online shop, gift cards or for cold hard cash!


To get your username / password and access to the mobile app simply register your details on their website. Once you are logged into the Smartphone app you can access your account, take surveys and watch videos for extra points. As well as this you can access the forum and community chat so you can connect with other members.

Eligibility: Aged 13+ and living in the UK or USA

Earn points for merchandise, gift cards and cash at Points2Shop

SavvyConnect – SavvyConnect is the mobile app made by popular market research company, Survey Savvy. The site offer cash payments via cheque for taking part in online surveys.

Savvy Connect

The SavvyConnect app is different to others as it allows you to get paid in 2 ways. The first way is by taking surveys. On the app you receive more paid survey opportunities than you would on their website. The SavvyConnect app also allows you to make money by tracking what you do on your device. This could include what shops you use, what TV programs you watch, what websites you visit, what you search for plus other insights. This information is sent back to Survey Savvy anonymously and used to improve the Internet.

As well as giving you more survey opportunities through SavvyConnect you also get faster payments. The standard processing time through the website is 8 – 12 weeks for a cheque, but through the application the turnaround is just 1 week so you will get your money much faster.

To get SavvyConnect you must register through their website then you will get access to the app download.

How Can I Earn: Download SavvyConnect and you will be paid for taking surveys plus get extra bonus money for surfing / searching the web as you normally do.

Eligibility: Any age living in the USA only

Earn your money faster at SavvyConnect (USA only)

MySurvey – MySurvey is one of the world’s biggest paid survey communities. By giving your feedback through online surveys here you are helping to develop new services, products and technologies from the biggest brands. For your time you are rewarded with cash and vouchers. On average you should earn £1 – £3+ per survey.

My Survey

Visit the website and complete the registration. Once you have signed up you can download and sign into the Mysurvey app. Within the MySurvey app you can access your account, profile and rewards. You can earn points by taking surveys and mini polls. The surveys are truly interactive as they take advantage of sliding scale and multi-select features so you should have an easy time taking them and earning money on your Smartphone.

Eligibility: 16+ and living in the UK, Ireland, USA, Canada or Australia.

Earn points by taking surveys and mini polls at My Survey

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