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Opinion BureauOpinion Bureau is a fairly new market research site which already has hundreds of thousands of members from all around the world. At Opinion Bureau you can give your opinions in order to help improve business products and services. The site is owned by Internet Research Bureau who are based in India but accept members aged 14+ from countries including the UK, USA, Canada and Australia.

Each survey takes on average 5 – 15 minutes to complete and for your valuable time and feedback at Opinion Bureau you are rewarded with cash between £1 and £10 each. Your cash can later be redeemed at Paypal, Amazon or by various other methods.


Cash sent via Paypal: After joining login to your survey dashboard to view all the available surveys. After each survey is complete your money will be added to the ‘rewards’ section on your profile within 30 days. As soon as you have just £10 in rewards you can cash out for a Paypal payment

Amazon or other gift cards: As well as Paypal you can choose to redeem an Amazon, Starbucks, Freecharge or Flipkart gift card. The Freecharge and Flipkart gift cards can be used at many different shops. Like the Paypal option, gift cards are redeemable once you have just £10 in your account.

Get a £5 Signing up Bonus

Membership is free and joining is very easy. Simply fill in your information, confirm your email address and login to your account. After logging in you should complete the personal profiling information. Once the profile information is complete your account will be fully activated and you will instantly receive a £5 joining bonus to get you started.

You are selected to qualify for a survey based on details such as your age, gender, education, job, income, origin and by your profile information. As well as receiving the joining bonus this is why it’s vital that you keep your profile information updated so you can significantly increase the chances of you being invited to and qualifying for more surveys.

General Panel Information

You will receive surveys on multiple topics at Opinion Bureau. The topics could include cars, health, electronics, shopping, household, food/drink, financial, employment, entertainment, technology, news or fashion. The majority do tend to be business or education related. The highest paying surveys appear to be IT related so if you have an interest in Information Technology you may find that you receive higher rewards.

As well as taking surveys you are also rewarded for referring your friends and taking polls. For each verified friend you will receive £2. Polls are available in your account and usually, pay a smaller amount of around 10p each. You can redeem the money for each poll 10 days after the poll has closed.

– Full cookie and privacy policy found on website

– Full terms of use found on website

Contact Details

Internet Research Bureau Pvt. Ltd.
Plot No. 2A, 2nd Floor,
Corner Market, Malviya Nagar,
New Delhi, 110017 India

Customer Support: https://www.opinionbureau.com/contactUs

Advantages of Joining Opinion Bureau

– Air your views and opinions on various topics

– £5 joining bonus for registering and completing profilers

– Earn between £1 and £10 per survey you complete

– Redeem cash via Paypal or shopping vouchers

– Cash out at just £10

– Legitimate and reliable company

– Membership available in different countries

Eligibility: Age 14+ and resident of the UK, USA, Canada or Australia

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